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Being a valued tradition at British weddings, providing a classical sense of occasion, and a trusted point of contact; a professionally trained and experienced Toastmaster can make the world of difference to your Wedding or event.


The experience and organisation you and your event will gain from a Toastmaster will guarantee an unparalleled level of efficiency and ensure the day runs as planned, by liaising with vendors that may be present on the day. 


A Toastmasters presence can distinguish your wedding from others and can present in many different forms. From a relaxed, easy going yet reliable individual with the ability to generate an atmosphere you will never forget, to the traditional, ceremonial, British Pomp; only a highly experienced Toastmaster can blur those lines and tailor their approach to your day.


Unbeknown to your guests, they will take away the worry and pressure of hoping a friend, relative or a restaurant manager and will carry out the role of the before mentioned. Trust your special day to the professional! 


Discreet and efficient, if unforeseen problems arise, they are dealt with; often without the bride or bridegroom ever needing to know. It will give peace of mind knowing you are entrusting your wedding day to the expert who knows exactly how you have planned your day to look and feel. 

I will be delighted to provide my Professional Toastmaster service for: 

weddings of all faiths, cultures, communities and civil partnerships.

In addition, I am experienced in, and pleased to officiate at:


  • corporate dinners and dinner dances

  • civic luncheons and banquets

  • masonic ladies festivals

  • birthdays, anniversaries 

  • awards ceremonies, conferences

  • sports club annual dinners

  • Official openings or a product launch

This is what you can expect from me, as your Event Host, Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies:

  • I will meet with you at your home, reception venue or on a Zoom call, to discuss your requirements. I will want to know every single detail of your day, that way you have confidence that I fully understand how your day looks.

  • Once booked I am contactable by text, phone or email, for advice and reassurance, right up to the day.

  • On the day I will work alongside with your reception venue management team, caterers, photographer and/or videographer and other vendors to ensure that your needs and timings are met and of course that your day happens the way you have planned it.

  • I will meet and receive your guests, welcoming them with any necessary information regarding the venue and/or the arrangements for your reception.

  • Organise your Receiving Line (if required) and the formal entry into the Wedding Breakfast.

  • Carry out Announcements including the cutting of your Wedding Cake & your Speeches.

  • Assist with any presentations and ensure that all the presents and bouquets in available when needed.


       I can also:


  • Provide advice to the Bridegroom, Father of the Bride, and Best Man on speechwriting.

  • Discuss options with you; many things are possible and with 17 year’s experience I can discuss with and advise on any themes or happenings you want to take place on your special day.

  • If my Red tailcoat is too formal for you then I am happy to wear a black tailcoat, dinner suit or lounge suit.

  • ​For Civil Ceremonies and Partnerships, taking place at the same venue as your reception, I will also work with your reception venue to ensure that your guests are seated in your ceremony room at the correct time.​

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